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Why swim with us?

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"The law of love could best be understood and learned through little children" 
Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

Whether it be our highly trained teachers, our progressive and dynamic learning curriculum or the fact that we care more, our support and expertise is unequalled.

OUR PROGRAM curriculum is highly specialised and designed to enrich every stage of your baby’s natural development, enhancing physical, mental, social and emotional well-being.

AN OPTIMUM LEARNING ENVIRONMENT is paramount for the best outcomes and why we only hold one lesson at a time in the pool. Parents and their babies get to utilise the full pool space, minimising possible distractions as there are no other activities in the water other than the Waterbabies class.

means we focus on maintaining class age groups to be developmentally compatible and do our best to keep core groups swimming together so families can experience a strong social connection over time. To motivate the natural love of learning each lesson, parents are encouraged to help their child develop at their own pace within the supportive environment of their core class.

means families have the same teacher each week, each term and for many families, each year. The three way bond between teacher, parent and baby is a crucial factor to success and one we know produces the best results. Our teachers love the families they teach and delight in each and every achievement.

provide variety and stimulation each and every week and new skills are introduced regularly. We like to keep it fun and interesting.

by providing families with a high level of individual support and additional follow up care when needed. We offer practical strategies, private sessions, supporting written material and careful monitoring of progress to achieve long term success.

are available for siblings enrolled in the same term of swimming. 


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THE WATER CONNECTION: After spending many months growing and developing in their watery womb environment, it seems only natural for a baby to continue a joyful connection in and around water after they are born. Utilising the comfort and nurturing association of water, our program provides an important bridge between the womb and early reconnections with water. Families are truly amazed at what their children can achieve through adding the dimension of swimming into their lives.

  • Enhances the natural love of learning
  • Develops self-awareness, independence & confidence
  • Strengthens the bond with their parent and promotes trust in self & others
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Increases brain function
  • Strengthens the respiratory system
  • Stimulates lymphatic & circulatory systems
  • Develops coordination & increases muscle tone
  • Can improve sleep patterns & quality of sleep
  • Aids children to achieve the most out of every stage of their development

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  • Assists parents to get in touch with their innate teaching wisdom for their own child
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Provides quality time together to strengthen the bond with their child
  • Creates opportunity for social bonding and family support networking
  • Supports parents to overcome existing anxiety or fear related to being in and around water
  • Our program is proven safe, enjoyable and effective, where goals do match the outcomes: A great return for the investment made
  • Introductory seminar: Become informed with our inspirational and educational online seminar for parents before commencing swimming

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  • Our program teaches aquatic skills and fosters a healthy love of and respect for the water
  • We help increase awareness of the responsibility to water safety, constant supervision and CPR
  • Our teachers provide a safe aquatic environment in which to explore and learn in
  • We help parents understand the importance of doing skills & activities with their baby, not to their baby- helping improve learning outcomes