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Oceanic Waterbabies


What is done to the child is absorbed by the child and
becomes their way of dealing with others

Confidence in teaching a baby to swim develops from being well informed, feeling safe and the experience of time. The Waterbabies® philosophy embraces the belief that with essential education and support in the water, parents can make the best teachers of their baby especially as they already share a natural bond of trust.

Commitment is essential as is consistency, dedication and willingness to learn. To allow innate parenting wisdom and teaching connection to emerge, parents need to be present and tuned into their child's body language and to learn about their baby’s important breathing reflexes, including readiness to submerge.

Our expert guidance helps confidence grow and the program provides everything needed for children to successfully progress from complete dependency to amazing independence in the water.

The best possible results transpire from understanding the difference between doing it with your child, not to your child.